In the 1920s winter tourism took Tyrol by storm. Fashionable youngsters from all over the world strapped on their wooden planks, put on their woolly jumpers and bravely launched themselved down the slopes.





As all these skiers got thirsty on the slopes, remote alpine villages had to come up with something they could source locally. They started mixing raspberry juice with glacier water and a dash of lemon, and skiwasser, the first isotonic thirst quencher was born.




Now you can enjoy this classic alpine drink anywhere you like. Skiwater is an organic lemonade made with freshly pressed organic raspberries, mountain spring water, a dash of lime juice and just enough fruit sugar.



Skiwater is made with alpine spring water from an Austrian source at 1,100m (3,600 ft) above sea level which is then carbonated for a refreshing sparkle.



Our organic raspberries are cold-pressed directly after picking. We only use fresh produce from the latest harvest. 



To bring out the full fruitiness of our raspberries we blend them with a mix of lime and lemon juice and add – just enough – fruit sugar.