Even if you are not a botanist or a fan of the ‘The Sound of Music’, you may still recognise this small white flower as it is the undisputed symbol of the Alps. Unsurprisingly, it features on countless emblems of mountain sports associations, the logo of the Swiss tourist board and the Austrian mountain rescue. In the wild it only grows at very high altitudes and has a preference for the most inaccessible cliffs of the Tyrolese mountains. Finding one and offering it to a loved one is a promise of love and dedication. There is a legend about a farmer’s son who brings a countess some Edelweiss flowers and in an attempt to make his modest gift seem more impressive he exaggerates the dangers he has overcome to obtain them. The countess is touched by such a romantic gesture and in turn boasts about it to her aristocratic friends. Shortly after pharmacies start selling Edelweiss based elixirs which would increase courage and virility. So if you come across one while off-piste, feel free to celebrate your courage with a selfie, but don’t bring it back as it is protected.